Cover Letters

The Federal Resume

Resumes for Wildland Firefighters and natural resource professionals

The federal resume is several pages long, upwards of 10 or more pages.  Federal resumes must be extremely detailed due to human resources’ rating systems.  Human resource specialists go over your resume thoroughly to make sure you hold all the critical elements and specialized experience to qualify for a position.

Non-  federal Resume

Private Sector Resume

A “non-federal” resume is typically 1-2 pages in length depending on experience.  Private industry typically prefers this type of resume because of it’s brevity.

OPM Tool Kit

Office of Personnel Management Resources

Click icons below to view official OPM handouts to help guide you in writing your own resume.

OPM Resume Tips Handout 2019


OPM Webinar Slide Show 2019


OPM Occupational Handbook

(Positions by series)

Federal Occupations by College Major



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