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We are a small creative resume writing studio staffed with former federal employees who have a proven record of success in competing for federal jobs.

We provide a unique experience and product when it comes to editing and designing your resume and cover letters.  Our products are deeply customizable to showcase your proficiency in technical skills and illustrate your talents, achievements, and work ethic.

Our executive is a former US Forest Service employee with over 10 years experience on various wildland fire modules, such as hand crews, type 3, 4, and 6 engine modules, helitack and rappel crews, interagency dispatch centers, prevention/patrol roles, and served as certified Emergency Medical Technician.

At Outdoor Careers, we are Certified Professional Résumé Writers experienced in drafting custom resumes, cover letters, and CEQs/KSAs for clients in the federal sector levels GS-3 to GS-14, as well as experience writing for clients applying to different state agencies.

Our executive has also won national first place awards in Natural Resources Career Planning and Employment Interview, through the Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization competition.

We understand the hiring process for federal land management agencies, such as US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service, because we have served as subject matter experts and hiring managers.  Our former work and hiring experience ranges from fire, recreation, wildlife, botany, range, insect and disease, timber, and vegetation management.

We have also experienced the struggle to make a living wage at lower GS-levels and are dedicated to making our services as affordable as possible.  We offer resume editing and writing, cover letter writing, and employment interview coaching services to help you get to your next level of appointment.

Avid philanthropists, we generously donate a portion of our proceeds to charities and organizations such as the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, The Wildland Fire Experience (Smokey Generation) and reputable Go Fund Me accounts for injured or deceased firefighters and their families.

Let us help you.  Trust no other resume business with your career and make the investment in your future now.

“The vast possibilities of our great future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.”

Gifford Pinchot

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Use of any of our career coaching, resume writing, or other services does not guarantee employment.
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